Parking Garages

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Parking Garages

Parking Garage Barrier Gates are ideal to control traffic and revenue inside your property. We are able to meet your parking garage access control needs. We install barrier gates as well as the automation. Parking Garage Barrier Gates are ideal for parking garages, parking lots, airports, or self storage.  

The latest parking lot barrier gates have LED lights on them for better visibility and protection. 

Controlled Access of the Midwest LLC has spent over two decades selling and installing access systems throughout the Midwestern states.

Ticket spitters (or ticket dispensers) can control entrances and exiting of parking lots, in conjunction with barrier gates. Once a driver takes their ticket, or returns it on their way out, the ticket spitter recognizes the magnetic strip on the ticket and opens the gate. Control entry lane traffic in to your property using these automated ticket dispensers.

The experienced team from Controlled Access of the Midwest LLC will find, install and service the right ticket spitter for your commercial, residential or industrial property. 

Contact us to find an Parking Garage System that best fits your needs.