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Referral Reward Program

FREE Cash, Credit or Charity

Referral Reward Program

We are grateful that you refer us to other businesses!  As an appreciation for your new installation referral, when your referral has paid their invoice in full, we will send you a Referral Reward Certificate.  The certificate allows you to redeem it for one of the following:

We offer 10% of the cost of the New Installation up to $500!

When referring us be sure to have your referral mention you found out about us through you! After your referral has paid the invoice in full you will receive a certificate in the mail. Fill out the certificate and mail it back to us to receive cash or credit!

 If you have a conflict of interest and cannot accept this referral reward, please fill out the form below and we will make a contribution to Home of Hope in your honor! 


If you have RECEIVED a Referral Reward Certificate in the mail and would like to donate your reward to charity. Please fill out the form below.  This form is for donations to Homes of Hope ONLY!

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Date of Issued Referral Reward Certificate
Date of Issued Referral Reward Certificate
I choose by checking the box below to redeem my Referral Reward Certificate in the form of a donation to the Homes of Hope Charity. *