Securing Our Client’s Facility


Heath received a pre-built restroom facility with an automatic locking system from a regional supplier. For several years, Heath had issues with the locking system. “Scott knew instantly what to do!” Scott, our technician was able to rebuild the system, fixing the problem. Heath was pleased with the latest technology that Controlled Access provided. 

Automated systems are becoming standard fixtures within our facilities. They reduce some of our operational burdens. But they still require occasional upkeep. When we got our first automated door lock system in one of our public restrooms it was obsolete. Scott was able to modify it without the cost of full replacement. I was pleased that he could find a way to keep my costs down. I’m confident that Controlled Access will provide outstanding service on our future needs as well.”
— Heath Ellis
Controlled Access of the Midwest installed several barrier gates, in-ground loops and safety devices for our project. I would recommend them to any company. Their performance installing this project, while doing all they agreed to do, met my expectations. Basically put, they did what they said they would do when they said they would do it.
— Kassi C. Assistant Project Manager
I purchased two slide gate operators along with two entrance key pads at my new outdoor storage location. I have been very satisfied with the equipment and the manner in which they installed them. I am very happy to recommend their product and services to anyone that is considering doing business with them
— Brian F.
I am a terminal operator manager in Des Moines. I would, with no reservation, recommend Controlled Access to any company. They strive for customer satisfaction while installing and maintaining their fine quality products and services. Their performance installing a slide gate operator while doing all they agreed to do , far exceeded my expectations.”
— Frank P.
Controlled Access came and installed our keypad at our new storage facility in Ankeny. Everything has been working great so far, would highly recommend.
— Andrew H.
The CIA system Controlled Access installed is awesome, very easy to use and gives me more freedom to be out of the office worry free. And my customers love it also.
— Jim W.
We used Controlled Access of the Midwest for service calls and a new keypad installation. We might replace our gate operator and look forward to working with them in the future. I would recommend them!
— John S.