Pivot Gate Automation

Pivot Gate pic.jpg

Our Vertical Pivot gate operators are appropriate in almost any application where vehicles need to be controlled.

No hydraulics are incorporated in our automatic pivot gate entry systems. In addition, built-in battery backup prevents security lapses during power outages. Our Vertical Pivot gate operators require very minimal preventative maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Vertical Pivot gates operate in all weather conditions including extreme heat and cold as well as snow. They are adaptable to any site challenges including uneven driveways, drainage swales, curb notches, contours, and racking. Because the Vertical Pivot pivots open 90°, less space is necessary for installation and operation.

Controlled Access of the Midwest wants to build a long-lasting relationship with you! We guarantee all our installations with superior service to give you peace of mind. 

Controlled Access of the Midwest, even has a Superior Service Agreement Plan for your pivot gate automation installation. 

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